Students usually equate university to pulling all-nighters studying, spending countless hours in the library doing homework, struggling to balance students loans and, overall, a lot of stress. But at Ryerson University, school isn't just all work and no play.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the stresses of being a student, we forget to stop and enjoy the university experience. After all, it's only four years - work hard for your degree, but don't forget to make those years count. If you spend all your time stressing, you'll miss out on all the fun events and opportunities Ryerson has to offer.

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Sorry, UofT students - although we have the highest ranking in Canada for post-secondary education, our city-sharers Ryerson outshines us in a whole bunch of other areas. (This is also an opportunity for all UofT students to complain, too.)

Photo credit: Aziz

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