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election 2016

The shocking election of Donald Trump as the next US president has prompted everyone around the world to take a look into their own countries. In Canada, the overwhelming majority was dissatisfied with the Trump win, but there were still some individuals who were actually pleased with the outcome.

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Change. It's the permanent law of life; an axiomatic constant that dictates the very cadence and complexion of history. Some people yearn for it, while others fear it entirely; but regardless of how we are affected by it, our lives would bear no meaning in its absence.

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It happened - Donald Trump has been announced the winner of the 45th presidential election.

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The race is dangerously close right now - Based on CNN projections, Clinton currently holds 197 electoral votes, while Trump holds 187.

But my television seems to be much more delayed than Google, which has it at 197 Clinton, and 216 Trump.

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"Hillary Clinton" is a name that Canadians have become well acquainted with over the years. But for the longest time, it never bore any real significance to them...

Until now.

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