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Shambhala has some of the best dressed people out of allll the festivals in my opinion. The most insane, creative, funny, and beautiful costumes are shown off for those magical 4 days. You never know what could happen...you might even stumble upon a proposal.

My fellow shambhalovelies, I wish I could include you all (but at some point I had to stop myself)! There are just so many amazing people, it's what makes the festival so special. Speaking of special, I didn't forget the epic totems! They are just as important as the outfits themselves. So spread the shambhalove and enjoy 72 Photos Of The Best Dressed People At Shambhala 2017.

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You won't want to miss this truly crazy new Toronto music festivalOn July 23rd, in a massive industrial lot - 158 Sterling Rd - an insane fire-breathing metal dragon will get reared and ready to head down to Burning Man in Nevada, but not before Toronto gives it one hell of a send off. 

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Photo cred - Inspire X Sound

A group of young Toronto creatives, along with Toronto based musicians have reversed the process of making music videos in the city. Production company Inspire X Sound, came together to create silent, visually stimulating, video segments meant to garner specific feelings and moods. They then passed on silent videos to electronic music producers for them to create an original piece of music, resulting in a brilliant, new, experimental way of interacting with music and getting inspired by Toronto, the GTA, and it's sights.

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