Have you ever asked yourself, what could make yoga more relaxing? Owner of The House of Yoga/High Times, Pincini, has answered that question. Located at 714 Bloor St. West, is a wellness centre hosting Ganja Yoga.

Basically, the weed helps everyone relax, forget about their busy lives for 90 minutes and therefore reap the benefits of yoga that much more. Some might say, they're able to concentrate and isolate parts of their body on 'higher' level. It seems to be working, as the practice has been going strong since 2009 and is just getting more popular.

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Photo: Ethan Yin

Well here we are, it's the last weekend of January! We've seen a bunch of big events come through the city in this first month of the year, and this weekend is surely not going to disappoint. Here are a sweet 16 events that you should consider checking out this weekend!

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