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As Americans anxiously await the results of the U.S. election, Canadians online are offering their support. 

Using the phrase “emotional support Canadians,” thousands of Canucks offered words of advice and comfort to their southern neighbours.

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Americans are feeling the stress of election night and some have taken to Twitter to find "emotional support Canadians."

"Emotional Support Canadian" began trending on Twitter on Tuesday evening as election day was drawing to a close. 

American users called out to Canadians, asking for their support during these trying times.

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Grab your tissues! The prime minister has delivered an emotional and passionate speech about COVID-19 in Canada.

Speaking at a press conference on October 27, Trudeau was asked about “COVID-19 fatigue” as the pandemic stretches into the winter months.

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One Toronto woman turned her sexual assault into a healing initiative focusing on forgiveness, and the project is sort of hilariously called FYou.

FYou: The Forgiveness Project is the community outreach non-profit Tara Muldoon founded. Through it, she works with at-risk and gang-involved men in Toronto jails. As the FYou website explains, through workshops, conversation, and by teaching them conflict-resolution strategies, she helps them unpack their own trauma and reduce the likelilood that they'll re-offend.* 

It can seem a little counter-intuitive that a woman who was subjected to a sexual assault is turning her efforts not towards other survivors, but to men in prison. Narcity asked Muldoon to tell us what she was thinking.

Editor's Choice: Ford Is Set To Announce Closures In Other Parts Of The GTA On Monday

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Grab your tissues! It was an emotional Emmys for the cast and crew of Schitt’s Creek on Sunday. While the show took home a historic number of comedy awards, it was Eugene Levy's Emmy speech that really touched Dan Levy.

It was a record-breaking night for the cast and crew of Ontario-based Schitt’s Creek, which took home a whopping nine Emmy awards over the weekend.

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