employee struggles

Oh the struggle is real! Even though working at Southgate mall has its perks: being around cute clothes, attractive customers, getting that hard-earned commission, and that employee discounts; there are still some downsides to the retail life. In no way are we trying to sound like a Negative Nancy, but come on, this is reality for crying out loud!

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It’s wonderful working for Second Cup! You’re surrounded by amazing coworkers (that usually turn into great friends), and the perks of free coffee/tea are something to be cherished (and taken full advantage of).

However, since baristas are also human (and not espresso-generating robots)—they’re bound to get annoyed every once in a while. I mean, there’s always those little things that can get under your skin at any job! Unless of course, you are a full-time fortune-cookie writer (I can’t see that ever NOT being fun). So here’s a list of 34 struggles that many Second Cup baristas (and other baristas) know way too well.

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