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A French man just won the legal right to say “f*ck no” to every holiday party for the rest of his life, after challenging his old job’s decision to fire him because he wasn’t “fun.”

The man, referred to only as Mr T, was working for a consultancy firm called Cubik Partners in 2015 when he was axed for “professional incompetence,” according to court documents from the ruling earlier this month. He'd been working there for about four years and was promoted in 2014, but he was fired after failing to embody the company's "fun and pro" values.

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TikTok users are starting to embrace a new trend called "quiet quitting" after two years of working through a pandemic, and it's the perfect idea for anyone who has trouble keeping a healthy work-life balance.

Basically, TikTokers are urging each other to have better boundaries at work, so you stick to your job description and don't burn yourself out by going above and beyond.

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Many people have gotten used to remote working during the pandemic, but a top law firm in the U.K. is apparently eager to get back to "normal" with people in the offices again — and it'll cost employees if they want to keep working from home.

Stephenson Harwood, a centuries-old law firm in London, has told staff that they can continue to work entirely from home if they agree to a 20% pay cut, reported The Times.

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The results of four-day workweek trials in Iceland are in and the experiment was "an overwhelming success" with improvements in work-life balance and wellbeing.

From 2015 to 2019, the country had two trials where people worked a reduced workweek of 35 to 36 hours and had no pay reduction. It was such a success that now 86% of Iceland's workforce either works shorter hours or has the right to reduce their hours.

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