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The world of cryptocurrency can sometimes feel like a Christopher Nolan movie: It’s loud, fast-paced and really hard to follow, but in the end you’re entertained and invigorated.

Blockchain, Bitcoin, NFTs…what does it all mean?!

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After 11 months of watching reruns on Netflix, recreating TikTok trends, or endless scrolling on Instagram, you might find yourself in the mood for learning. 

Online learning became accessible and cost-friendly pre-pandemic and there's nothing holding you back from getting in some Ivy League quality education today - without Ivy League prices. That's right - you can take courses from all 8 top schools completely free. 

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If you love learning or want to further your education, there are a bunch of free online courses in Canada offered by post-secondary schools.

Here are six classes you can sign up for right now.

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If you're tired of watching reruns on Netflix, multiple Ontario universities are giving you the chance to learn without the steep tuition fees.

You can now sign up for free online courses from local schools that offer a wide variety of topics.

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Attending class doesn't actually have to be boring.

There are multiple Ontario University classes you can take that are so weird they actually sound fake. 

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