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Toronto clubs are great places to let loose and dance, but they're also great spots for pickpockets.

Toronto Police Service (TPS) is asking for help in identifying two suspects who are allegedly behind a string of pickpockets in Toronto clubs downtown and in the entertainment district, according to a press release.

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Having a fun weekend or vacay doesn’t have to take a lot of planning or travelling — a drive to Toronto is all it takes to experience a whole new roster of exciting activities (along with places to stay and eat).

If you love visiting the city but find yourself doing the same things over and over and again, Destination Toronto is challenging you to discover your "Never Have I Ever" moment.

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The highly anticipated Anne Boleyn has now opened its doors, bringing a modern take on traditional British pub fare to Toronto.

The new Entertainment District eatery is from the folks at The Social Group (The Dog & Bear, Parts & Labour, and The Hoxton) and is a welcomed addition to the neighbourhood.

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To paraphrase Sammy Adams, sometimes when you're out you just wanna go all night longer; but have a GO train to catch, have to get home so you don't wake up your roommates etc. And then BOOM, night over. Like a sad cord pulled out of its socket suddenly your night went from electric to dull. So how to remedy this age old very millennial first world problem?! The obvious and usually no-fail answer, of course, is to treat yo'self.

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Whether you're snapping a pic of the atmosphere, getting a candid of you holding an overpriced cocktail in a cute tiki cup (which we all secretly want to keep), or just taking in a pic of the views- there's no denying the infinite possibilities of a great insta from a Toronto patio. Because we're a generation that feels the need to let everyone know what we're doing at all times, we need to make sure we got some quality pics rolling out! Because we're Torontonians. And that means that we got some amazing things going on in our life, and don't you deserve a dope pic of an amazing patio?! OF COURSE YOU DO.

Patio season is celebrated like a holiday in the 6ix, why shouldn't it be? We have so many amazing options to choose from. A group chat deciding your plans can quickly turn into a the trial scene straight out of A Few Good Men (YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH.....that The Porch is better!). So we're here to be the middle man to to give all you patio scouters the best places to snap some prized instagrams this szn.

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