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Some of the province's top doctors want Ontario's stay-at-home order to return.

Ontario recently started a province-wide shutdown, but several Medical Officers of Health recently wrote a letter to the province saying that "stronger measures are required." 

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Ottawa's medical officer of health has made herself very clear — COVID-19 is sticking around for a while, so it's about time we learn to live with it. 

Dr. Vera Etches said in a series of tweets on Monday night that we need a new approach to our pandemic response.

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You may need to change your plans, O-Town. Thanksgiving in Ottawa is going to look a little different this year, as the city’s top doctor has urged locals to stay at home to celebrate.

Speaking on Newstalk 580 on Wednesday, per CTV News, Dr. Vera Etches addressed the worsening COVID-19 situation in Ottawa.

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It’s been a tiring few months for Ottawa’s top doctor. On Wednesday, Dr. Vera Etches admitted that she might need a break — after she accidentally showed up to work with no skirt on!

In a hilariously honest tweet on September 30, the city’s medical officer of health admitted that she’d had a pretty busy morning.

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The city’s top doctor has shared a worrying update. On September 23, Dr. Vera Etches admitted that Ottawa is “close to red” on the pandemic scale.

Speaking to city council on Wednesday morning, Dr. Etches confirmed that while the city remains in the orange phase of the pandemic, it’s becoming increasingly closer to red.

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