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If you're a Queen's University student, your exams could be pushed back until the new year — for better or for worse.

Queen's announced in a press release on December 12 that all in-person exams in Kingston will be cancelled "effective immediately" due to "rising cases of COVID-19" within the school's student population.

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Anyone who is thinking about entering the field of law enforcement should know that the RCMP hiring process has undergone a couple of changes due to the ongoing pandemic.

Previously, anyone who was interested in a position was required to take vision and hearing exams before submitting their online application. 

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You made it! It's over, yet another treacherous month of stress, studying, not sleeping, and whatever else you have going on to make it thru. You can finally take a break for the summer! (Unless you're taking summer courses, then your celebration is delayed another couple of months)

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This week has been particularly difficult for the students of Halifax to say the least.  With multiple final papers due and exams looming on the horizon everyone’s in crunch mode hustling in the library.

Ease your exam stress by taking a class or spending a night drinking at one of the relaxing Halifax spots that we have listed below.

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Guelph Gryphons are a rare breed.  Guelph students are known for their crazy school spirit, and it's for a good reason!  How can you not be proud to go to school full the most amazing people, the best student life, and easily the most fun HOCO's in Ontario?

Whether you're an eng, aggie or arts student, there is a good chance that you've experienced a few of these scenarios that are unique to Guelph.  After all, Guelph definitely has a few of its own quirks and charms! *cough* squirrel infestation *cough*.

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