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Are you a Jay and Silent Bob fan? Do the words swag and pop-up shop grab your attention?

Even if just the idea of a new (and one-of-a-kind) Toronto food option for takeout piques your interest, then here's some pretty exciting news. 

The very first Canadian pop-up of the popular fast-food joint Mooby's is finally coming to Toronto!

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Many may argue that they're living life in the fast lane, but have you truly lived that fast life until you've gone from 0 to 100 in 3.5? If you're looking for insanely fun things to do in Miami, you can actually drive exotic race cars at this speedway.

We all have our dream car; for some, it's a flashy Lambo Gallardo, a shiny Porsche, a fast & furious Ferrari or maybe even a McLaren. No matter what your fave is, you have a chance to drive them all at Miami Exotic Auto Racing.

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What up lazy girls. I get you, you have an adventurous personality with plenty of goals but you're just too lazy to move. Being a girl trying to kick start her life is hard! As much as we want to have fun, we're all tired. 

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There are a lot of things that undeniably scream Toronto - The CN Tower, The Toronto Blue Jays, our beloved mascot, Aubrey Drake Graham. Any one of these notable figures could be identified as arguable landmarks of the city, and so they should. They embody Toronto, through and through. 

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I think we can all agree that we're ready for a new year. 

But with the new year comes a lot of reflecting and a lot of memories. We're always so caught up in what's happening in our own lives, sometimes we forget to reminisce on what happened in our own city. A lot did happen, and to go along with the vibe of this year, a lot of that stuff was weird.

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