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If you were ever an Archie's Double Digest fan like myself, then you probably died when you found out the Archie Comics were being made into a TV series (thank you The CW).

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If you're anything like me, you freaking love scrolling through Airbnb's Insta and obsessing over the incredible the vacation homes in Bali, Marrakech, and sometimes even the most unexpected places, like some random town in Texas.

The only thing keeping us away: distance. Okay, and maybe money. Lol.

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It's true. Vancouver is making you broke. But we've got some real heroes out here who are really trying to help you save a dollar here and there.

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I love, love, love, love Vancouver and I'm honestly not one to get pissed off easily. I'd like to think of myself as pretty chill and easy going, you know, the typical lax Vancouverite.

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From professional travel photographers to fashion bloggers who seem to have an infinite bank account that allows them to travel from Norway to Thailand, Germany to Dubai...okay let's stop right there. I think you can hear the jealousy seething through my teeth.

But for real, these Vancouver based world travelers have IG accounts that will give you the ever so infectious travel bug.

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