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"We should totally go on a road trip this year", says literally everyone. Why do we keep disappointing ourselves by not following through with these plans? Let's stop the talking, and actually go out there and start road tripping! Let's seize the day!

"But I'm not even sure where I would go." Tell the friend who says that next to sit down and send them this, we've got your back.

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Having trouble taking your girlfriend places she's never been?

Most guys do. But never fear, a list of secret places to take your girlfriend is here! Your days of failed day trips and boring, backyard beer sippin' are all over!

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That should really be all I need to say to make you want to go camping. But let's face it, it just doesn't have all the creature comforts that your apartment can offer. 

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Do you feel like you're having troubles finding the right guy? You've dated a few people from different places and can't quite place what you're missing.

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If you're the type of Vancouverite who likes to avoid crossing bridges then you probably haven't been to North Vancouver yet. On the other side of The Lion's Gate or Iron Workers you'll be sure to find mountains to hike, greenery to stroll through, and a community of inclusive and friendly folk.

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