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The top tips for working from home were revealed and we have all the details on how to get you through the day to avoid burnout and better your mental and physical health.

Small Business Prices worked with many experts ranging from psychologists, physiotherapists and optometrists to get to the bottom of finding the ultimate advice for anyone working out of their house right now.

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The global pandemic has brought many things with it, and according to Canadians, we might have to add bad vision to the mix. 

That's right, a survey completed by Alcon Canada shows just how many Canadian believe that COVID-19 has affected their eyes during the quarantine.

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From photos, you might think Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford are good pals. However, according to body language expert Blanca Cobb, there is more to these photos than meets the eye.

While the two leaders have praised one another over the years, it's clear to Cobb that there is a power struggle between Ford and Trudeau.

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Health Canada has issued an unusual recall. On October 4, the agency confirmed they were recalling Regener-Eyes Ophthalmic Solution — an eye drop claiming to contain “human placenta materials.”

In the notice, Health Canada explained that an Edmonton-based eye doctor had been importing and selling the unauthorized product.

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A new season = new make-up kit.

I will admit, I'm a frequent drugstore makeup shopper. But sometimes, you have to invest your money into buying quality products that will last longer and give you a better look overall. As a student, it's hard to buy expensive products on a budget. So we'll save you the time you'd spend searching for products and give you the ultimate list of some items to treat yo' self to from Sephora.

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