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Being at Sephora literally makes any makeup lover feel like Charlie at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. All the shades and colours, scents and textures, no wonder makeup has never been a dying business.

The only thing about spending too much time at Sephora is that you might end up walking out with a basket full of makeup that probably ate up half of your rent. It's not hard to be a VIB Rouge because makeup is just damn expensive.

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You should know by now that the internet is a very, very, verrrryyy weird place - from way too many pointless cat videos to the most WTF beauty hack videos like using peanut butter in place of shaving gel. Like, whet?

In this crazy age of information, it's important to take literally everything you "learn" online with a grain of salt (duh). So if you see an Insta beauty guru applying their foundation with a condom and says it's legit the best thing ever and you have to try it, it may or may not actually work.

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Last week, the one and only Kim K West released the deets on how she does her makeup, specifically, her famous Kardashian contour. And I mean, giiiirrrllll... who doesn't want to look like Kim K?

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Long gone are the days of pencil-thin brows and Sharpie-defined lines. In 2017, it's all about the bushy brow. The natural brow. The I-woke-up-like-this fabulousness that everyone we follow on Instagram is rocking. 

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As a girl, I know one thing for sure about all girls' morning make up routines: we spend at least half of our I'm-still-only-half-awake-and-really-need-coffee type energy on drawing the perfect winged-eyeliner, and almost all of that energy on shaping the perfect eyebrows (unless you're Cara Delevingne...but you're not).

But here's the solution. If you haven't already heard of the most amazing thing to happen to you since eyelash extensions, you're about to.

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