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Police issued a public safety alert on Tuesday, warning residents about a new Toronto taxi scam.

According to a report, the scheme is a two-person job that involves one posing as a fake taxi driver and the other as a distressed customer.

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One driver didn't end up fooling the police with their fake Ontario licence plate

Guelph Police Service revealed via Twitter on Monday that a driver had attempted to use a piece of laminated paper as opposed to an actual plate

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If you thought you knew how to stay out of trouble, you may need to think again. These totally weird Canadian laws have only been removed in the last few years — and you may have even broken them in the past!

Laws, rules and regulations are often being updated, edited and repealed, and things are no different in Canada. 

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Kelly Loeffler (R) and David Perdue (R) are the two current United States Senators for the state of Georgia.

Each of the senators has an official government website, but someone created fake ones for both of them — and the creator(s) didn’t hold back their opinions.

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Take note! A hand sanitizer recall has been issued in Canada and one product that was sold here was revealed to be a fake.

Health Canada is warning everyone about counterfeit Zytec Germ Buster Hand Sanitizer that comes in a one-litre bottle.

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