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Summer getaways are great and all, but there’s something about sweater weather that inspires wanderlust.

But why dish out a ton of cash when you can have a bucket-list vacation right here in the Great White North? For almost every destination abroad, you'll find a hidden Canadian gem so strikingly similar your followers won't be able to tell the difference.

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For many, autumn marks a return to reality. The laid-back dog days of summer are traded out for fall deadlines, your favourite bathing suit replaced by that cozy cardigan. But this transition doesn't have to be boring — with the return of fall festivals and annual traditions, this is a super fun time for Canadians.

Even though it can be tempting to slow down right now, there are plenty of exciting activities to embrace as you get back into whatever routines may have fallen to the wayside during the warmer months.

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Fall is here and that means plenty of pumpkin picking, apple cider drinking and long road trips to catch the leaves changing colour.

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Autumn’s just around the corner and, just like the turning of the leaves, this magical time of year doesn't last long. If you're looking for the prettiest way to make the most of the season, plan yourself a resort getaway to Charlevoix, Quebec.

When you think of resorts, hot beach days and umbrella drinks might come to mind, but Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu — a castle-esque five-star resort in La Malbaie — is here to change that in the best way.

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This Thanksgiving, it’ll be easy to save time and money — and reduce food waste — with one simple idea: use what you have. After a whole day of showing off your culinary chops to loved ones, there’ll be plenty of leftovers and food scraps rife for reusing.

Food waste is a growing problem in Canada, with nearly $50 billion in good food ending up in landfills instead of on plates, and over 11 million tonnes being thrown out.

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