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With so much of our everyday lives still on pause, you may have had to get creative when it comes to finding ways to do the things you love.

Just take those weekend morning strolls through your local farmers market, for example. Sure, they might feel like a thing of the past, but thanks to, shopping farm-fresh, local and organic foods is part of the here and now.

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The digital age plus the pandemic means the way we work has shifted, and for many of us, that may also mean newfound freedom in going 100% remote. Especially if your company has decided to switch to the work-from-home model permanently.

Working from home has taken the world by storm, and with commutes a thing of the past and expensive inner-city rents no longer necessary, it's no wonder Canadians are leaving big cities in record numbers.

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Calling all foodies — the photos Jagmeet Singh and his wife, Gurkiran Kaur, posted of their home-cooked meals will make your mouth water and your stomach growl.

He said on Instagram that while the pandemic has been tough, a silver lining has been cooking at home.

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Officials in India have responded after Rihanna’s farmers’ protest tweet ended up going viral on Tuesday evening.

On February 2, the world-famous singer took to Twitter to speak out about the ongoing protests in India, sharing a CNN article and asking “why aren’t we talking about this?!”

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Over the weekend, Canadians gathered all over the country to march and demonstrate in solidarity with farmers protesting in India.

Back in September, the Indian government passed three new laws related to farming in the country.

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