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Not everyone could live in constant fear of an emu attack while doing their daily chores, but Amanda, a 38-year-old Tiktoker, can.

Amanda, her husband Adam, and their two sons run a TikTok famous farm north of Kingston in Ontario, affectionately called "Useless Farm." Filled with animals that provide nothing but enjoyment, including three alpacas, two emus, a mini donkey, a mini horse, a regular horse and 13 peacocks.

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With so much of our everyday lives still on pause, you may have had to get creative when it comes to finding ways to do the things you love.

Just take those weekend morning strolls through your local farmers market, for example. Sure, they might feel like a thing of the past, but thanks to, shopping farm-fresh, local and organic foods is part of the here and now.

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A Costco salad recall has been issued due to the possible presence of plastic or metal inside the kits. 

Taylor Farms Retail has voluntarily recalled a limited quantity of its Creamy Dill Pickle Chopped Salad Kit that has been specifically sold at Costco locations throughout Canada.

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Fausett Farms in North Georgia has over 30 sprawling acres of golden sunflowers for you to prance through this fall. 

Located in Dawsonville, this family-owned farm watches and waits all season for the sunflowers to reach their peak bloom, and the time is now!

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It's that time of year! These corn mazes in Canada are so beautiful and they're the perfect places to get lost in this fall. If you're looking for an adventure and a challenge this season, look no further.

With autumn upon us, there are so many things to do to celebrate the season while also staying safe.

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