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Thanks to a Father's Day card from their daughter containing a lottery scratch ticket, John and Anne Bartlett from St. John’s, Newfoundland, are $650,000 richer.

In a release from the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, John recounted exactly how the whole scenario played out.

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Nick Cannon and Ryan Reynolds are celebrating Father's Day by discussing vasectomies.

41-year-old Cannon, who recently announced that he'll soon be father to an eighth child, created a "vasectomy" cocktail in a comedic video alongside Reynolds.

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My dad (baba) is one of my best friends. We talk about controversial political issues, we sing duets on the guitar and best of all, we enjoy all the delicious treats that the food world has to offer. Whether it was keeping an eye on my lack of studying in middle school or watching every long youtube video that I just HAD to share, my dad has always been there for me. He has taught me vital life lessons ranging from how not to be a sore loser after I repeatedly lost at Monopoly and how to make an Omlette. He has taught me the value of a good, musical melody and the value of money.

While my father lives over 7,000 miles away from me, I urge all of you to spend this special day, father's day, with the first man you ever loved. If breakfast in bed and playing mini golf has started to get old, here are 5 unique things to do with your dad this father's day: 

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Father's day is quickly approaching and we are all looking for ways to show our dads that we care! Lucky for you we have compiled a list of 9 things (for a range of budgets) that your dad is sure to appreciate this coming fathers day.  Our list includes activities for sports fans, the outdoorsy types, and something for those who enjoy being wined and dined.

Be sure to treat your dad to something awesome this coming Sunday, becuase he deserves it! 

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