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For most of us, it has been officially more than one year since we made our last set of Friday night plans.

In place of bars, movie theatres and nightclubs, we've been filling our weekends with Netflix and, well, usually more Netflix. But just because our plans have to be lowkey doesn't mean they can't still be fun.

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Self-care is an excellent thing to strive for, but it can sometimes be misunderstood.

When it comes to taking care of yourself, it's not all yoga pants, face masks and sipping tea. Self-care can also be a soul-fueling adventure, fresh air and wide-open spaces.

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Another day means another dollar to be made, but it also means the dreaded afternoon slump. Think a foggy head, heavy eyelids, non-stop yawning and, of course, that overall feeling of tiredness. Yes, the 3 p.m. slump truly is a term that lives up to its name. 

Worse yet, it can be even more challenging with all the distractions when working from home, like so many of us are right now. That's why we've put together easy ways that can help you find a moment of calm and get the right recharge during your afternoon routine.

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If you're wondering how to date during the pandemic, spark passion in your relationship, or simply want some good advice about your love life, look no further.

We reached out to you, our readers, on Instagram and asked for your unfiltered questions about love. 

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Living like a royal doesn't have to come with a huge price tag. 

One Ontario home for sale is under $450K and will make you feel like you're living in an episode of Bridgerton

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