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What are two of things Florida is most rich in? If you thought alligators and tourists, you wouldn’t be wrong. But nature and history are pretty abundant in The Sunshine State, too. One Florida island holds an enchanting palm tree forest on the beach where you wander a surreal scene of nature and ruins from the past.

On Egmont Key, you can hunt for shells, experience Florida’s nature wildlife, and even wander a magical palm tree forest right on the shore.

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When first thinking of Florida, images of theme parks and stunning beaches probably come to mind. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that Florida’s history is just as much fun as it’s present attractions. History buffs and urban explorers alike will have a blast at these Florida forts to explore that will take you back in time.

It’s easy to imagine how life in The Sunshine State was hundreds of years ago when wandering the dusty remains of ancient forts.

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When wanderlust takes over, let that be the perfect excuse to unlock your inner Indiana Jones & go on an adventure. From speakeasies to beaches, the Sunshine State is overflowing with secrets; however, these abandoned places to explore in Florida are striking ruins of the past that just might make you grab your whip & hat.

A part of the Fort De Soto State Park isles, Egmont Key State Park's sandy beaches stretch in a slender sliver in the middle of the vast blue ocean — like an island oasis that you'll never want to leave

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With the end of summer rapidly approaching, it's time to see how many activities you've checked off your summer bucket list. You've gone to the night market, been up to Whistler already, and you're all set for the PNE. What about that vacation you wanted though? The impromptu summer getaway that you were so stoked for? 

You've always imagined a sandy beach getaway to Hawaii, but there's only one problem. You can't get the time off work, and you spent all your savings on mimosas and brunch. 

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Who says vacations are only for the summer? With bathing-suit season a thing of the distant past, there are still plenty of reasons to load up the car and fit in a weekend getaway with your main squeeze or best friends this winter.

With the holiday season upon us, and tons of exciting and festive events on the horizon, why not pay our province's sweet little capital a visit?

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