So sweet! Jagmeet Singh's TikTok is all about having the "honour" of fighting for people as the leader of one of Canada's major political parties.

He posted a video of himself on Parliament Hill doing thumbs up and then a raised fist with the text "me with the incredible honour of fighting for people as leader of a major political party."

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While inner strength does go a long way, even strong, independent women should know there are unfortunately certain physical dangers that exist in our world. It doesn't matter how cautious we are, we can't foresee everything, and even we can be caught off-guard sometimes. What we can control is how to respond to these events, and be better prepared to handle the unexpected. Plus, if it helps us look fitter, than even better, am I right!

Enter Elite Martial Arts, an award-winning training facility specialized in Krav Maga and Muay Thai techniques. After seeing a spike in female enrolment in recent years, owner and head instructor, Dan Novak, decided to design a personalized self-defense program that specifically addresses the most common types of attacks on women.

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