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Forget Netflix and chill, and worrying about what meal order or what movie to pick. It's about time you've spiced things up a little. Dinner and a movie just isn't cutting it anymore. How are you supposed to escape if the dinner was awful and you still have to sit through a movie you didn't even pick?

That's why you pick something that's going to be hella fun, even if your date isn't. Dating can be challenging! So why make it more complicated than it has to be? We've done the hardest part for you: picking the first date activity. Impress the face off them with these choices!

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Many people resort to mobile dating apps like Tinder,Bumble and Happn to meet a potential dating candidate. It's an easy way to pick and choose someone you could be interested in by simply swiping right or left.

After getting to know the person via chats, perhaps the two of you decide it's time to officially to meet in person and go on your first "Tinder date." It's important to choose the right place with a vibrant environment in case your date goes to complete sh*t.   To avoid that "awkward moment." the question then is, where to go? To solve this often occurring problem, here's a list of 8 places to go on a first Tinder (or Bumble,Happn etc.) date in Toronto:

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Everyone gets a little worried prior to going on a date. The unthinkable can happen and you could possibly have a life-scarring experience. Whether it's something they said or something you accidentally did,  I'm sure most of us have had at least one mortifying date.

As horrendous these stories are, they're also incredibly entertaining to read. I asked people in the Facebook community to send me their terrible dating experiences they've had in Toronto... And here is what I got:

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Summer love is the best, no pressure, no complexity, it's just about spending great time together with the excitement of what's coming next. It is commonly known that dating apps like Tinder are more popular during summer. If you already have many dates scheduled or you're planing to have some, this will convince why going a date in Vancouver is the best!

If you're fed up with the usual "romantic dinner", rest assure that everyone loves originality on a first date. Whether you want to impress or just casually get to know someone, there is no doubt Vancouver has the best places to satisfy both of you:

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First dates can be very nerve wracking, especially when it comes to making the decision where to go. There are many restaurants in Toronto and we're very aware of that but the question is, which ones are suitable for a first date?

There are so many things to take into consideration if you're interested in scoring a second date. Does the person follow a specific diet? Do they have any allergies? Are they more into the casual scene or fine dining? Either way I'm sure you'd like to impress your date according to their preferences, therefore it's important to be familiar with the restaurants in Toronto that are suitable for a first date. Here's a list of 13 restaurants you should consider taking your first date to, well that's of course if you want to score a second one.

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