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With a new flavour added to McDonald's Li'l Donuts menu, it seemed like the perfect time to put them to the test. 

I tried all six selections and ranked them from my least to most favourite. This is my honest opinion

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When it comes to Canadian chip flavours, all dressed is a classic, but Burger King's all dressed nuggets definitely put a spin on it. 

To find out how these flavoured chicken chunks compare to the potato chips, I put them both to the test and this is my honest opinion. 

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If you were lucky enough to grow up in the ‘90s, your childhood was full of iconic memories like jamming out to No Doubt, spending the weekend playing video games, and enjoying classic breakfast staples like Kellogg’s* Eggo* Waffles. Crunchy and golden, they were so good that sharing them with a sibling was never an option.

Fortunately, some things haven’t changed: breakfast is still a favourite meal for most, and toasting up a couple of crispy Eggo waffles remains a simple (and completely delicious) thrill for many.

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It's Canada's chip. Maybe it's the red and white vibe or the fact that we love everything potato related, but whatever the reason, ketchup chips are one of those iconic flavours that you can only find in the True North. 

A lot of companies have made their take on this classic Canadian chip, and I tried three of them to see which ones nailed it

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There's a new Tim Hortons coffee and you can now get the improved cup of joe at locations across the country.

On January 6, the new Dark Roast became available and it's brewed from 100% premium Arabica beans, which is supposed to give it a bolder and richer flavour.

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