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Summer is almost here and there are so many things to do! Tons of restaurants to try and lots of drinks to be had. You're finally going to get that tan you've been longing for all winter. However, you don't want to break the bank just yet. 

What will $11 give you in St. John's? Plenty of fun if you do it right! We all know you're not going to get a four-course meal but there are better things anyway. Fill your boots with any of these activities this summer and you won't be disappointed.

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 It's well known that market shopping will always get you the best deals. In Toronto there is a huge variety of markets to shop at that provide incredible prices and a variety of products and services to accommodate your needs.

Food markets have fresh produce and flea markets have everything you need from clothing to household items. Here's a list of 8 unique and incredible Toronto markets that have unbelievable prices and will sell anything you could possibly think of:

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