florida memes

It's so easy to be divided on things, especially in the world of the internet. Whether it's about your favorite music, sports teams, city pride, traffic, types of people...literally anything under the sun really, opinion will always keep people & places divided. According to a Florida meme on Reddit, there are 6 ways to divide the state based on multiple different themes, & Floridians are finding it hilariously accurate.

In a post made by Reddit user u/th3thrilld3m0n, we see 6 silhouettes of Florida from an unknown creator, each with their own unique divisions. Instead of dividing lines for communities & counties, we see divisions based on some things a little different.

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"A colorful, lawless swamp", that's how Michael Scott described the Sunshine State in the relatable AF show The Office; most of us fans get a kick out of the line because we know just how true that is — we don't have a radio segment called "Florida or Not Florida" for nothing, not to mention the Florida Man headlines that surface on the daily. A map of Tampa Bay making some snap judgments has popped up on Reddit, and it's actually pretty hilarious.

Redditor u/yelpisforsnitches shared the map made by judgementalmaps.com of the entire Tampa Bay area, but instead of your usual cities, roadways, and landmarks, we see quips & sayings that make assumptions about everything under the sun; the good, the bad, & the ugly.

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