florida ruins

When wanderlust takes over, let that be the perfect excuse to unlock your inner Indiana Jones & go on an adventure. From speakeasies to beaches, the Sunshine State is overflowing with secrets; however, these abandoned places to explore in Florida are striking ruins of the past that just might make you grab your whip & hat.

A part of the Fort De Soto State Park isles, Egmont Key State Park's sandy beaches stretch in a slender sliver in the middle of the vast blue ocean — like an island oasis that you'll never want to leave

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Stumbling upon the ruins of the past inspires that sense of wonder & adventure, especially when it's in a place you don't expect. If you're the kind of person who loves finding abandoned places to explore in Florida, then these beachy beauties will take your breath away.

Hidden amongst the trees of the 5 isles of Pinellas, Fort De Soto Park offers beachgoers a chance to experience not only the beauty of our tropical landscape but also the ruins of Florida's past.

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