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It’s the mashup that no one wants: COVID-19 and the seasonal flu.

Health officials in Israel and the U.S. are reporting some rare cases of “flurona,” a combination of the coronavirus and influenza in a person who is infected with both at the same time.

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Ontario has just announced that it will be getting a new Toronto vaccine facility that will help us become "self-sufficient" by the next pandemic flu. 

In a press conference on Wednesday, it was announced that Sanofi, a global biopharmaceutical company, will be building a new facility in Canada to produce more flu vaccines

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made life anything but normal for almost an entire year now as we continue to quarantine and wear face coverings everywhere we go.

As we continue to take multiple precautions in an attempt to prevent the virus from spreading, we were actually able to stop another one that normally ravages the country this time of year.

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Canada's health experts want you to get your flu shot even if cases have been "exceptionally low" this year.

The Public Health Agency of Canada isn't budging on its firm stance regarding influenza season and the precautions Canadians should take.

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While flu season in Canada is underway, activity is actually below average for this time of year according to government data.

The Public Health Agency of Canada releases weekly reports about the situation across the country.

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