Winter is making a huge comeback next week with a massive dumping of snow over Toronto.

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It's September and we're already worried about the snowstorms that will occur this winter. Typical Ottawans. But let's face it, we hate the winter just as much as we love the summer. But it's one extreme to another and it's hard to find that balance of the perfect weather in Ottawa.

I know what you're thinking, are we already talking about the snowstorms that haven't occurred yet? Yes, yes we are. According to Accuweather.com's predictions, Ottawa is free from a snowstorm from the furthest into the future you can check the weather. The only sort of snow we'll seem to get for a while is a few flurries, which I'm sure everyone is A-OK with. Their calendar shows that the first official snowfall will be on November 10th, but again, only a few flurries.

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