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Barbecue season has arrived and with it the chance to sink your teeth into your favourite summer dishes once again.

If you're like many Canadians, you might be wondering how you can swap out some of your faves for more plant-based alternatives without breaking your budget or sacrificing flavour.

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Whether you’re talking about your belly or your ride, fuelling up is important — especially now that it's summer and you're heading on some much-needed adventures.

It’s a time when things like relaxing and exploring should be on your mind, instead of tiresome worries about how much it’ll cost to fill up your car.

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France has a huge bistro culture, and if you've ever had a chance to visit the European country, it's hard not to notice the lunchtime rush that takes over bustling streets and local food shops.

It turns out the reason why French people rush to their favourite corner restaurants (especially during lunchtime) is that it's technically illegal to eat lunch at the workplace in France, reports the NPR.

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Whether you enjoy weddings or not, one thing you can usually expect is that you'll get some food for showing up.

That is, unless you went to the wedding of a now-infamous pair of Disney adults.

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A Reddit post about manners in Sweden has turned the internet upside down, as the rest of the world comes to terms with the idea that Swedes simply don't feed guests when they visit.

Social media users have been sharing their shocked reactions to that discovery under the hashtag #Swedengate, while Swedes have also been showing up in the conversation to defend the way they do things.

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