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Let's be real here: food just tastes better after dark. Whether you work crazy hours, or Netflix has managed to keep you bedridden all day, the cravings that come to you late at night, when everyone's asleep and everything good seems to be closed, are so real.

While it may seem like the jar of pickles in the back of your fridge, or the stale Smart Food at the nearest gas station seem like your only options,  they're not. In Toronto, you can feast like a king at any hour of the day (without having to prepare the feast by yourself) and here are some of the best places you can do it.

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Photo cred - The Betrayer's Banquet

A candle-lit dinner never looked so horrifying: faceless servers, "emotionally challenging" food and betrayal -- this dinner might tear your strongest friendships apart. April 17th and 18th , held at a secret location, “The Betrayer’s Banquet” will have guests betraying their best friends for steak.

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There is so much food everywhere in Toronto, but sometimes you spend $16 on a crappy sandwich and it ruins your day. These are eight top restaurants I've visited along Queen West that won't leave you disappointed. With steaming pulled pork sandwiches, burgers that sparkle in the sun and the perfect spice on that jerk chicken -- you can't go wrong with any of these picks.

So next time you're out and about -- strolling the streets of Toronto -- step into one of these lovely abodes and be greeted by the smell of heaven. You don't have to search forever to find the meal you were meant to eat for your last supper and once you find it -- remember to write it down. Although, you won't be forgetting the taste of this food anytime soon.

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