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I love McDonald's and I love trying out TikTok food hacks, so when I saw a post that combined these two things I was super eager to try it out.

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There's a clever way to get some delicious free food at Five Guys — and no, it's not by eating your weight in free peanuts.

A food TikToker is winning hearts and bellies with a clever hack for getting a "free" cheeseburger at the restaurant after he figured out which items are free on the menu.

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English muffins are one of the greatest joys of breakfast (or any meal, tbh), and this TikTok video showing how to open them might just change your life.

TikTok user sidneyraz posted a video showing the proper way to open the delicious carb, and he seems pretty bamboozled by the fact that you're supposed to use a fork to pry it open.

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