food spots in edmonton

Cheap meals are hard to find without a doubt. And we also agree that Edmontonians should never have to spend their entire paycheque on food alone but sometimes, it has come down to it. Every restaurant in Edmonton looks tempting af and it is so hard not to go in and scarf down everything on the menu. It's even harder looking at the bill only to see a bunch of zeros.

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 Anyone living in Edmonton, especially any Edmonton students trying to pay off their tuition, knows that ramen is the solution when it comes to being hungry and broke.  Back in the day, when people thought ramen, they immediately pictured those dried noodles in a cup with a package of powdered flavoring. From chicken, beef, all the way to vegetable, sure it satisfied our hunger... for the next hour. Just reading that back makes us feel sorry for any university students having to go through that torture and makes us want to say "use your noodle" without sounding too harsh.

Well we got good news, time to throw out that cup of instant noodles and say hello to the food of the future: ramen noodle bowls that won't put a hole in your wallet, or burn through your college tuition. Japanese restaurants everywhere are hyping up the ramen noodle game with even more concepts to satisfy our taste buds. From pork, beef, corn, miso, soy sauce, porcini mushroom, and even chili sauce. Comfort food is supposed to make us happy, remember? Let's keep the happiness going by listing 14 ramen noodle spots in Edmonton, check them out ASAP!

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