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It’s been said that food is the ingredient that binds us together, and in a dimly-lit restaurant on the corner of Dundas and Ossington, I found this to be true.

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The food truck craze has swept over Orlando like the savory scent of BBQ on a summer breeze. It’s decidedly irresistible, and for good reason. Who wouldn’t love the taste of home-grown, hand-crafted food with the added bonus of not breaking the bank? In Lake Nona, just 30 minutes from the hub of Orlando, you can treat your taste buds to a massive food truck event every first Friday of the month during Art After Dark, and it's free admission!

The Art After Dark event hosts three hours of art displays, live demonstrations, special exhibitions, and live music held every Friday night from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. taking over the beautiful Lake Nona Town Center.

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One of the best things about the Sunshine State other than our beaches? The mouthwatering food fests that take over our cities. You're going to want to come hungry to this food festival in Florida — because it's all you can eat.

A new wing fest is making its way to the Orlando area, and we're already clearing our calendars and packing the stretchy pants.

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There's so many restaurants in Toronto, but true foodies have already been to them all. 

You know the hot spots, the best tacos, the best this and that, the life-changing patios, wherever we tell you, you've probably already been there. Until now...hopefully... This list is comprised of hidden gems, new spots you've yet to discover, or something a little out of the ordinary even for the most seasoned food vet. Check out this list of restos if you feel like you've been to every restaurant in TO: 

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It's officially September, which in our eyes means it's fall. I know that summer actually ends on September 22nd, but to everyone else, when Pumpkin Spice Lattes come out, we call quits on summer. 

Even though it's supposed to be nice for the next few weeks, bikinis are slowly being put away and that means you don't have to wish away any foods that you've been craving for months. You deserve to treat yourself and indulge in all the foods you want! 

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