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En 2022, le Canada participe à la Coupe du monde pour la première fois depuis 1986. Lors de sa dernière participation au grand tournoi de la FIFA, l'équipe canadienne avait terminé avec trois défaites et aucun but. Une performance qu'elle tentera d'améliorer à cette occasion avec notamment la présence du joueur québécois Samuel Piette.

Milieu défensif et co-capitaine du CF Montréal, le joueur d'élite a un parcours aussi surprenant que passionnant et voici huit faits sur lui pour mieux le découvrir.

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Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 and the only thing some people in Florida seem to care about on social media is that she'll never see college football again. It's a traditional American sport, but these bizarre reactions are topping Florida Twitter pages.

The season began last week, and it seems to be the only thing fans in the Sunshine State have thought about, despite the royal family. People are going as far as photoshopping the queen's face to fans in the stand.

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A tourist visiting Greece is recovering after he was thought dead and lost at sea, in an incredible tale that sounds a lot like Cast Away — right down to the life-saving ball.

The man, identified only as 30-year-old Ivan, was swimming off Myti Beach in Kassandra, Greece when a current caught him along with two friends and swept them out to sea, local media report.

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Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo is taking some time off after the death of one of his newborn twins.

The football player and his long-term girlfriend Georgina Rodríguez made the tough announcement on Monday that they lost their newborn son. They added that they've also got a baby girl now, though they didn't go into detail about what happened.

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