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The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in Canada has reached the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

In a statement shared on January 21, the CAF confirmed that their first member had been vaccinated and was “feeling really great.”

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Every year, Nova Scotia sends a "Tree for Boston" across the Canada-U.S. border and the reason why is going viral.

This weekend via Twitter, the Canadian Armed Forces in the U.S. shared the over one-hundred-year-old story of why a Christmas tree is sent from Canada every year, and displayed in Boston Common.

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Ever wanted to send a sweet message to a stranger during the holiday season? Well now is your chance because Canadian Forces members want to receive them. 

Canadian forces stationed in the U.S., took to Twitter to ask the general public to spread the love this Christmas by sending them holiday greetings, via mail. 

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The Department of National Defence has confirmed that a Canadian soldier was killed during a training exercise in Alberta.

In a statement shared on October 31, the department said that “a Canadian Army soldier has died as the result of a gunshot wound.”

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