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La quatrième semaine de Big Brother Célébrités a été marquée par plusieurs discussions stratégiques et de nouvelles alliances qui commencent à être tissées plus serrées, laissant place à plusieurs citations inoubliables

En vue de la soirée d'éviction, le public a assisté à la mise en danger de deux gros joueurs de la saison : Rita Baga et Lysandre Nadeau

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Hold onto your hats, folks, because Ontario's weather forecast is predicting some seriously cold weather today.

So cold, in fact, that the temperatures in Fort Severn, Ontario, today are frostier than the South Pole in Antarctica.

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Traveling right now is a little sketchy thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, but you don't have to leave Texas to feel like you're in another fun spot such as Nashville, Tennessee.

This list will show you all the best spots in the lone star state that will make you feel like you're in the country music capital of the world.

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Days after Texas was called red in the election, Tarrant County, which houses Fort Worth, has turned blue.

Texans in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, all of which went blue on election day, tweeted hateful messages at Fort Worth for initially being red when the state was called in favor of President Donald Trump.

Now the county has flipped blue due to mail-in ballots continuing to be counted, and apologies are flowing in on Twitter.

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What are two of things Florida is most rich in? If you thought alligators and tourists, you wouldn’t be wrong. But nature and history are pretty abundant in The Sunshine State, too. One Florida island holds an enchanting palm tree forest on the beach where you wander a surreal scene of nature and ruins from the past.

On Egmont Key, you can hunt for shells, experience Florida’s nature wildlife, and even wander a magical palm tree forest right on the shore.

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