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It’s official. Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden will be spending a lot more time together going forward!

On January 20 — the president-elect’s Inauguration Day — the Canadian prime minister shared his well-wishes in an official statement.

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As Donald Trump left the White House for the last time on Wednesday, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was quick to react on social media.

Taking to Twitter, the 18-year-old revived an old comment that the former president had once said to her.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on the lookout for Canadians to join Canada's Liberal Party ahead of the next federal election.

In a public call on social media, the Liberal leader asked interested Canadians to consider being part of his team as a candidate.

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An investigation into a Nunavut RCMP officer who hit a man with their car door has concluded that it wasn’t done "intentionally."

The Ottawa Police Service was asked by the RCMP to do a criminal investigation into what happened on June 1 in Kinngait when a man was hit by the open door of a police vehicle and knocked over.

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How do you feel about springing forward and falling back? Daylight saving time in Canada is a pretty hot button issue and a bunch of provinces and territories are considering getting rid of the twice-annual time changes. That would mean sticking to one time for the entire year.

Editor's Choice: Canada Has Now Opened Border Applications For People Who Want To Come Here To See Family

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