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Do you love to have scented candles burning in your home? Then you won't want to miss these Bath & Body Works Canada hacks that will help you save big.

There is so much to love from this retail giant, like lotions, fragrances, and anti-bacterial hand gels. But just adding a few three-wick candles to your shopping cart might break the bank.

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Pour faire de ton chez-toi un endroit douillet et qui sent bon, tout en encourageant les commerçants d'ici, ces huit compagnies québécoises font des chandelles qui réussiront même à te faire oublier le Bath & Body Works.

Que ce soit par leurs formes originales, par leurs fragrances envoutantes ou pour leur look tout simplement magnifique, tu vas vouloir mettre la main sur ces bougies faites localement.

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If you're waiting for the Bath & Body Works Canada online store to launch but still want to get candles, fragrances, soaps and more delivered to you, there's a way to do so.

With the Canadian site, you can't order online and you have to go in-store to get items but the pandemic has made that a bit difficult so here's a hack to help you out.

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This is not a drill, Bath & Body Works Canada is creating a new website so that you can shop for candles, fragrances, soap and more online.

Currently, if you want to buy something from this retailer you have to go to an actual store, which has been complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Just like that, summer 2020 has come to a close. As the weather turns colder and we start to break out our favourite chunky knits, it might be time to step outside the box and switch up something else, as well. Nope, not our wardrobe: our signature scents. Whether you've been in the market for a new fragrance or not, chances are, you're going to love the latest fragrance that's just been released by Azzaro Wanted.

Wanted fragrances were created to help celebrate life and act as a reminder to break the rules, push limits, and step outside of your comfort zones. And now is your chance to showcase all of that fearless rebel energy in the newly announced Azzaro Wanted x TikTok challenge!

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