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Fred VanVleet went on quite the rant after Wednesday night's Toronto Raptors game and admitted he's fully expecting to be fined for the words he used to describe NBA referees.

VanVleet, who is just a few games back after stepping away for the birth of his third child, referred to refs as "d*cks" who are going on a "power trip" and even called out one official by name and said he was "fu**ing terrible."

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Fred VanVleet knows Toronto. The American, who first got involved with the Raptors in 2016, opened up to Narcity this week telling us what he learned about the city and its residents over the years, and, he's not wrong.

When asked which Toronto stereotypes he thinks are the most accurate, the NBA All-Star gushed about how nice and polite most of the city's residents are, well, except for drivers.

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