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Last weekend, a so-called “Freedom Convoy” of truckers flooded the streets of Ottawa with a mandate of fighting for all Canadians' freedoms. Claiming to be 50,000-strong, the truckers and their supporters have been adamant in proclaiming they are not a “fringe minority,” as characterized by Prime Minister Trudeau.

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A Barrie anti-lockdown protest has attracted "hundreds of people" according to Maxime Bernier, who spoke at the rally. 

The People's Party of Canada leader and former Conservative MP shared photos from the event, where large crowds can be seen in the Ontario city. 

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In a new ranking of the world’s most free countries, Canada has taken a top spot!

The data, shared via Freedom house, considers citizen’s access to political rights and civil liberties across 210 countries and territories worldwide.

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A new report by Freedom House has just revealed that Canada is among the 10 most free countries in the world. 

The ranking is judged by rating 210 different countries and territories on access to political rights and civil liberties, says Freedom House

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You don't have to be into figure skating to love the artistry of Elladj Baldé.

In an interview for Narcity's qNa series, the Canadian figure skater who has taken social media by storm with his backflips on the ice, talks skill, inspiration and representation in the sport.

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