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Ryan Reynolds is known for toeing the line with his humour, and IMDb recently put him to the test.

The Canadian actor sat down with the movie database site to try to guess which of his films was being referenced just from the NSFW moments.

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It's official — the St. Catharines Costco Business Centre has finally opened, and it's bursting with wild items you won't find in other stores.

From super-sized tubs of Nutella to hundreds of croissants, you'll be in bulk heaven at this place, which is the fifth of its kind in Canada. 

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It seems that a group of Ontarians are making the most out of this winter lockdown by creating an ice carousel. 

The Weather Network shared a clip via Twitter on Friday, showing a crowd of locals turning a frozen slab into a classic midway ride.

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One of the most magical ways to enjoy winter is to lace up your skates and glide around a frozen wonderland.

Ontario's Spray Lake ice trail is a new skating adventure that will take you across a shimmering lake.

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If there's one thing that can make it difficult to savour nutritionally balanced meals daily, it's having a busy lifestyle. While there's nothing wrong with having different work commitments or being a mama on-the-go, it can be tough to find time to whip up healthy meals with a hectic schedule. 

For those that do have more time to cook and are interested in starting a vegan or vegetarian diet, you might not be sure where to start.  

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