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Once upon a time, exactly one summer ago, I did the unthinkable. I willingly fell for a glorified fuck boy. We have all fallen victim at some point to the mythical, ridiculous creature that is a fuckboy or fuckgirl. Someone who is attractive and charming yet notoriously selfish and careless with their overall actions.

A fuckboy/girl does not care how they effect other people, as long as they are getting what they want and having fun while doing it. A true fuckboy may not even realize that they are hurting you - because they are so self-involved they couldn't ever imagine being the bad guy. But he's not a good boy, he's a fuck boy. And a serious one at that. 

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Ah yes, so. You're texting a guy you're seeing/dating/made out with once after last call. You had a great time whenever you last touched-tounges and you are low-key into it. Of course, you can't be together 24/7 or even 15/5, so you do what we all do - text. 

Texting someone you're into can be complete and utter trash because of all the politics associated with online/virtual dating. How long do you wait before clicking send? What kind of emojis do you use? If you send a text at 2 a.m. is he going to magically appear on your door with pizza and lube? So many questions. 

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Le dating est devenu vraiment complexe avec Tinder, Badoo, Grinder, Bumble... 

Bien que les filles soient renommées pour être assez compliquées, les hommes ne laissent pas leur place. Plus le temps passe, plus on entre dans une game de séduction. Suis-je la troisième Tinder date de la semaine? Est-ce qu'il m'aime pour vrai, ou c'est simplement un fvckboy qui joue des jeux? En théorie, tu ne le sauras jamais vraiment, mais il y a certains signes qui ne mentent pas.

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Let’s face it, Toronto fvckgirls are just as prominent as the fvckboys in this city. You may find one sitting across from you on the TTC or so conveniently on your timeline. Whether you’re trying to talk to a Toronto fvckgirl, you happen to be friends with one, or you are guilty of being a Toronto fvckgirl yourself, there are a few things that emphasize what it means to be a fvckgirl from the Sixside.

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Y'a un gars qui commence à te faire tripper ben raide à l'école, à job, ou encore sur Tinder. Nevermind! Y'est ben cute, charmeur au bout et il te joue din shorts? Mettons que y'a le tour? C'est souvent le genre de gars qui sait comment plaire aux filles et il n'en est pas à sa première.

J'veux pas généraliser la chose, mais te mettre en alarme, oui! T'outiller à repérer les signaux précurseurs que le gars que tu fréquentes ou que tu trouves crissement de ton goût c'tun fuckboy, quoi!

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