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Le premier round des demi-finales de Star Académie a eu lieu le dimanche 18 avril et c'est William Cloutier qui a remporté le vote du public, ce qui fait de lui l'un des deux finalistes. Guillaume Lafond, le chouchou des fans rentre donc chez lui.

Avec Jacob Roberge, les trois hommes qui s'affrontaient pour une place en finale étaient tous grandement aimés chez les Québécois et Guillaume, pour sa part, a été sauvé trois fois par ceux-ci depuis le tout début de l'aventure.  

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For most of us, it has been officially more than one year since we made our last set of Friday night plans.

In place of bars, movie theatres and nightclubs, we've been filling our weekends with Netflix and, well, usually more Netflix. But just because our plans have to be lowkey doesn't mean they can't still be fun.

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It's been far too long since we've been able to breathe in the fresh air of spring and not have to bundle up just to walk down the street. 

But with warmer temperatures just around the corner, there's excitement in the air instead of a chill. Plus, there are more hours of daylight (yay!), flowers are starting to bloom and trees have begun to turn green again. 

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Dr. Theresa Tam wants everyone to enjoy the Canadian winter right now by getting outdoors, but she says you need to do it safely.

In a statement to update Canadians about the pandemic, Canada's chief public health officer shared her thoughts about having fun while being physically distanced.

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It's nearly Cupid's time to shine. As the first Valentine's Day in lockdown for most of Canada, 2021's day of love might not be enjoyed the way it typically is, whether you're happily single, in an "it's complicated" situation, secure in a relationship or married.

If you're unsure how to celebrate — or spend the day, if you aren't really celebrating at all — it may be time to grab a fine French wine, like Félix & Lucie, and embrace a little passion. Regardless of your relationship status, there are tons of fun activities you can do. 

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