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The Florida Keys are a paradisiacal adventure just waiting to be explored. Besides sailing, snorkeling, drinking, and general beach-lounging, there are other much more unique experiences to be had in the Keys. You can experience the beauty of the Caribbean like never before with this unique thing to do in Key West — an underwater adventure, where you cruise beneath the water’s surface on your own personal mini-sub!

The scooters are surprisingly easy to use, just have a seat and you’ll be able to breathe the steady flow of oxygen within the scuba-dome, with no need for a snorkel.

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The heat scorches the Earth as you ride your buggy off into the horizon. Along the way you see zebras & rhinos peacefully sharing the watering hole, giraffes stretching their necks up into the sky to reach a leaf perched atop the tallest branch. You'd almost think you were in the African Plains, but you're actually at Busch Gardens Tampa's Serengeti Safari.

Whether you love animals or simply wonder what it'd be like to be toe to toe with one in the wild, this award-winning experience gives you a chance to get up close and personal with African wildlife on a wildlife safari ride. 

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Many may argue that they're living life in the fast lane, but have you truly lived that fast life until you've gone from 0 to 100 in 3.5? If you're looking for insanely fun things to do in Miami, you can actually drive exotic race cars at this speedway.

We all have our dream car; for some, it's a flashy Lambo Gallardo, a shiny Porsche, a fast & furious Ferrari or maybe even a McLaren. No matter what your fave is, you have a chance to drive them all at Miami Exotic Auto Racing.

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Florida is famous for its sandy beaches & tropical vibes, but you most certainly won't find ice & snow here in the Sunshine State: until next year that is. A cool thing to do in Orlando Florida will have you slipping and sliding across the ice — & you'll want to bust out the winter coat for this one.

Bumper Cars on Ice will bless central Floridians with a unique winter wonderland experience. The tour that originally started in Sydney & Melbourne in 2019 will come to Orlando on its North American tour in May of 2020. You'll want to grab your BFFs for this adorably icy event & don your cutest cozy sweater, puffy ball hat, and fluffy scarf.

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There is something about caves and underground activities that excites us. There is a mysterious feel to them, and there is so much history that intrigues us. If you're looking for cool places to explore in Tennessee, a gorgeous cascading waterfall lives hidden in a cave — and you'll definitely want to add this gem to your bucket list.

Ruby Falls is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and it's not your average waterfall; it's actually underground. If you were just driving past this location, you would never know it was there, gracefully flowing as it hides beneath the Earth's surface.

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