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Australia and Canada have a lot of things in common, but in other ways, they couldn’t be further apart.

For example, in December, when folks in Canada are wrapping their windows like leftovers, Aussies are waxing their surfboards and flinging themselves into the ocean.

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We’re used to Kim Kardashian posting hot pics of her derriere on the internet, but we never thought we’d see the day the beloved Suite Life twin, Cole Sprouse, would be joining the bandwagon.

One half of the Sprouse twin’s blessed the gram with a naked selfie but with a twist, and he might be giving the ladies of Hollywood a run for their money.

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Grammy presenters did not hold back on the Will Smith Oscars jokes on Sunday, with host Trevor Noah and several others dunking hard on the incident.

Noah used a joke about Smith slapping Chris Rock to open the show on Sunday, and it just kept going from there.

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The Heat defeated the Philadelphia 76ers Monday night in convincing fashion by 137-106. While fans are pleased with the victory against their conference rivals, the Miami Heat has started an unrelated pre-game tradition that is bringing equal amounts of joy to the city of Miami just ahead of NBA All-Star weekend.

The Heat seems to have impressed fans and casual observers alike throughout the entire season. Coach Erik Spoelstra has led this group of players to Eastern Conference contention with seemingly only one "superstar," namely Jimmy Butler. 

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Let’s be honest, Lake Eola in downtown Orlando is usually full of goose, swan, and sometimes even dog poop. This weekend though, there will be something even bigger. A giant inflatable 30-foot poop has just plopped down in Orlando’s downtown park, and for what purpose, you may ask? To encourage passersby to let that sh*t go.

The giant poop is part of Poo~Pourri’s “#LetThat💩Go” Tour, a company that sells deodorizing sprays for toilets, shoes, and other stinky places around the house.

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