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An Ontario G1 driver was recently busted going around 100 km/h over the speed limit on Highway 404, and they ended up paying for it.

According to the OPP Highway Safety Division, the driver was charged with Stunt Driving alongside other Class G1 Licence offences including a 7-day licence suspension and vehicle impoundment.

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OPP made a messy discovery on Highway 401 on Sunday when an unqualified driver was caught racing down the road with a guy sitting in the trunk.

The G1 driver was caught speeding down the highway in Napanee while another man was just chilling on a sofa chair in the back amid a full, unsecured truckload of furniture.

According to OPP, the driver also had two passengers in the front seat, and no one in the vehicle was qualified to drive. 

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If you have a driving test coming up, getting to know the possible road test routes of each DriveTest Centre may help you decide where to take your G1 and G2 road tests. 

Driving schools often engage in the practice of bringing their students to areas near DriveTest Centres to help them get a sense of the surroundings they will encounter during their road test. For example, Tony Qureshi of ABC Driving School says many driving schools in Oakville and Mississauga bring their students to Burlington where pass rates could be higher. But while many students find it helpful to practice on possible road test routes, others are not so fond of the routine.

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Ontario's graduated licensing system requires student drivers to take two major road tests - a G1 road test (to qualify for a G2 license) and a subsequent G2 road test (to qualify for a full G license). 

Which DriveTest Centre you decide to do your tests at is important. Each centre has its own set of failure rates, which could act as loose indicators of their difficulty levels (and your chances of passing).

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Do you have a driving test coming up? If so, an important thing to consider is which DriveTest Centre to take your test at.

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