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With ergonomic office chairs, standing desks and coffee machines to get through that video call fatigue, many people are starting to hit their stride working from home.

But while we may finally be starting to thrive in this new environment, efforts toward creating a comfortable home office can only go so far.

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Movie lovers, rejoice! Multiple Cineplex locations are opening back up in Ontario this week.

Eight theatres, including ones located in Ottawa, Sudbury, Brantford and Cornwall, will now be showing movies again. 

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Alors que cette année pour le moins tumultueuse touche à sa fin, le temps des Fêtes vient s’ériger comme un événement convivial lors duquel les Québécois pourront festoyer avec leurs partenaires de quarantaine autour d'un bon souper aux saveurs traditionnelles.

Ces derniers mois, force est d'admettre que c'est au travers de la technologie que nous sommes arrivés à garder un semblant de normalité, que ce soit au travers d’échanges de messages, de visioconférences pour le travail ou les apéros, en suivant des vidéos de conditionnement physique en ligne ou en prenant des nouvelles de nos proches grâce aux réseaux sociaux.

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As we reach the end of a challenging year, Canadians welcome the holidays as a much needed opportunity to rejoice and be merry with their quarantine families while enjoying the familiar and comforting flavours of a home-cooked feast.

For the past several months, technology has enabled us to stay connected. Whether it was through texting, videoconferences for work, happy hours, online workouts or simply browsing the web, technology has helped us maintain a certain semblance of normality.

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There's something enchanting about space. The vastness of our galaxy, the twinkling stars in the sky, seeing planets other than our own glowing and floating across the universe, nothing can compare or inspire a feeling of purpose quite like it. If you're looking for free things to do in Florida, look no further than this starry museum night.

The Florida Museum of Natural History will be ruled by the stars this weekend with a free space event that will light up your night with space, art, knowledge, and creativity.

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